Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super Easy Dinner

This dinner is so easy to make in a pinch.
I like to keep the ingredients on hand when I dont
have anything else to throw together.

Start with a package of chicken breasts, cut them up into cubes. Throw a swirl of olive oil in a big pan
and cook the chicken until its cooked through.

Next, throw in a bag of the birds eye green bean stir fry. It is full of beans, water chestnuts, carrots, broccoli and little pieces of spaghetti.

Once that gets cooking, use about a 1/3 to a 1/2 of a jar of the "secret" ingredient - Heinz 57 sauce.

At this point, it will look like this. I like to throw in a small handful of sesame seeds as well.

Finally, you can add either extra spaghetti noodles, or for a REALLY quick meal, I throw in a bunch of boiled Ramen noodles. Did you know you can buy them separately without the little powder packages that usually come with them? You will find them in the asian section.

VOILA! The finished product.