Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ohhhhh Fudge....

Last November (2008) I dragged my husband from New Jersey all the way to Cleveland, OH (8 hours of driving each way) for a convention celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "A Christmas Story". It was one of the most fun trips I have taken in a long time. We stayed for three nights at the Cleveland Renaissance where the convention was being held. We got to meet some of the actors and listen to their stories. Then on Saturday we got to go the "real" house that the Parkers lived in. The house was mostly used for exterior shots with a few interior shots of the living room being used. The backyard was also used for filming the famous "Oh My God, I Shot my eye out" scene as well as the Black Bart scenes. Here is a photo of us outside of Ralphie's house.......

The actual shed still stands in the backyard.

The famous leg lamp...."the glow of electric sex gleaming in the window". HA!

The living room

These were the two evil elves from Higbee's......

On the left is the delivery man that brought the FRAGILE box to the front door. On the right is Black Bart.

My favorite photo - us with Grover Dill (on left) and Scut Farkus

Joey with the"Toadie" Grover Dill

Me with Scott Schwartz who played Flick.

Me with "Randy Parker"

Higbee's Department Store went out of business many years ago, but the occupants of the building still have the sign up and every Christmas they decorate the front windows to commemorate the movie. They do a fabulous job!

Only 3 more days until the 24 hour Marathon on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
I swear I don't miss a second of it!

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That is hysterical! how fun!