Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Houses, Big Curb Appeal

I recently came across some homes on the smaller side, and while they are certainly not "McMansions", they sometimes have more curb appeal than your large stately homes. One thing you will find with a small home, is that that it can have alot more charm. Take this home for example, simple touches like the starfish in the window sashes and the tiny white picket fence make this home look so inviting.

This home is a home I found recently in Cape Cod Magazine. It can't be more than 2 rooms with most likely a galley kitchen. My family owns a home on the beach in Old Saybrook, CT which could one day use some major upgrades. I think the above fabulous cottage could easily be swapped out for our family cottage:

This simple South Carolina bugalow is the perfect picture of low country.

Another simple beach cottage that they keep simple looking with white paint, black shutters and for a little pop of color, purple front door with matching adirondack chairs.

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