Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Part 3: Rehoboth Beach - The Bellmoor Inn

We had never been to Rehoboth Beach before and what a lovely surprise it was! After receiving some hints from a fellow blogger, I took her suggestions and booked a room at The Bellmoor Inn. It was pure luxury. We were booked on the 4th floor, where there are no children allowed, and its private card key access to get into.
We had a well stocked library with a roaring fireplace right across the hall from our suite and you could help yourself to snacks and drinks.
They served a great complimentary hot breakfast the next morning in the sunroom and common room areas. We enjoyed walking the town and walking the boardwalk, even though it was October, it was quite busy probably because it was such a beautiful day.
We finished our evening at the "Cultured Pearl" restaurant. All I can say is Best. Sushi. Ever. Actually, every single thing we ordered down to the carrot cake with ginger cream cheese frosting was some of the best food we have ever had.
Luckily Rehoboth is only about an hour and half way from us, so I see us making frequent trips down there in our future!

This bed was so comfortable, and check out the size of that pine armoire! Entrance inside our suite - I was in love with the grasscloth wallpaper!
This was the other side of the hotel room. The gas fireplace made is so cozy!

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