Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show us where you live Friday - Dining Rooms

This is our dining room as a 'pre-before'. We haven't even begun to overhaul our dining room yet. I am imagining in the future possibly a bay window in place of the two windows, or perhaps even french doors out to a flagstone patio. I can also visualize some built in shelves to show off my collection of white serving pieces.

Here is the dining room still as a "current before" (i.e. We've spruced it up a little bit to make me happy, but it obviously doesn't even hold a candle to what I want it to look like as an end result.) I loved the colorful chairs that I had in there, but since re-doing my living room which opens up to the dining room, I had to put them in my new kitchen. They majorly clashed with the fabrics and colors in there and they look like they belong in their new home around the kitchen table.

This photo was taken during our Christmas Party.

Here are a couple photos from the Thanksgiving last year

And also for my husbands Birthday Brunch last year:

The little sideboard comes in handy, but I can't wait to really have built ins that will hold all my serving pieces.

Here is the dining room dressed in its Spanish best for Mexican Mastalski Night ~ October 2008

Well hopefully within the next year or so I can update with some fabulous new "After" shots. But for now, hope you enjoyed the tour!


The Blackwoods said...

Can I come for one of your fun parties? You do a great job decorating for all the events! Great room too!

Jennifer said...

I love your chairs. Those are tooo cute!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

What great ways it can change for those fun parties!

Amanda said...

I love your dining room! And I adore how you decorate for your various parties. Such fun!! Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

I love the way you dressed your table and the room for special occasions and parties! Very cute!

April said...

great room! I love your style

Kristine said...

It looks like you throw a great party! I love the dried hydrangea arrangement in the first photo. What wonderful light in the room as well. I think the Mexican party looks like so much fun!

Thanks for sharing all your pictures.